AMiAM - Legend

by AMiAM

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released August 26, 2011



all rights reserved


AMiAM Orlando, Florida

An emcee from Vets of Kin with raw witty lyricism that's earned him a respected spot in the underground. From B-Boying, rhyming in shows & tours with pioneers, he's quickly become one of those "must-see" acts. In 2012, AM released his long awaited solo effort titled "The Combine". While focused on his follow-up, AM finds himself a few steps closer to what he considers is his generation's classic ... more

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Track Name: Broadcast
make sure the first words thats picked for the verses are sick,
early servin persons if you never heard of a spic,
its the return of the spit murderer, kick words that are script,
cursive or print, murkin the hits, workin my wrist,
this a permanent Turn of events purposely did,
Emerging w/urgency cuz its an emergency bitch
lerkin like a certain serpant urban myth out of the mist
currently now, researchers doubt i exist, see im a
nerd with the words so herbs are nervous as shit,
born with a gift, but its like ive been cursed on my lips
before this, never been an occurance of this,
never has a person lived that's born perfect to spit.
Til now, its been a minute since i been up in it,
sicker than a cynic pissin dirty in a clinic, this a
warning for the gimmicks, that new rapper nigga isn't
worthy for a minute, if you want it then come get it (get it!)
i'm back on the streets, now stop
runnin ya noise, no one touchin ya boy what you a
catholic priest? no never, flow sever, code
red alert, earth you'll need a legion at least, uh,
unless ya punk chest wants ya breathin to cease
i suggest all your peeps advise on what you are doin,
so it's time you open your eyes and get accustom to viewing,
proving I'm using the music grind of Russell and Ruben
the crowd is booing towards everyone that's not
providing the same type of fire off the tongue that I'm spewing.
that's why the inside of my stomach is brewing
my rhymes feel like a highlight reel of Jordan dunking on Ewing
you wanna ask me what city you in? I'm from
Ozone homie, that's my home homie.
It's not for a tourist, the city radio promoters will
stiff ya like rigamortis but real niggas support us, cause real spit is important not silly shit in a chorus, if that was the focus homie well then i wouldnt record it, ya oughta be accordingly kneeling before us,
you're like the shell of a tortis meeting the wheel of a Taurus
Rims? i rather be pushing the wheel of a fortune for my
family that matters to me whats more important is
my aura that's in accordance to my recordings
then I'll be more excited to see green than a florist in a forest.
the feeling of seeing veterans killin it on the corners,
not militants marijuana, real shit with endurance
the pain we've endured during performance to
rock the crowd enormous that sing along with the chorus
we all question who the lord is,
remember the time i was too poor to afford to pour pourage
i encourage that you best rearrange yo raps
am go back like Anglo sax and Kangol hats. We can't go back, rest in peace to the 90's but
golden era's soul is still living inside me, Yo!